The Secret – Planet Earth HD Video

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The Secret – Planet Earth HD

The Secret, it’s amazing. A nature show, nature documentary video. The Secret Team has created a gift for you…Meditation on Nature Video, our home spaces

While all of them are amazing, there really are two standouts; “Caves” and “Ocean Deep.” “Caves” opens with amazing footage of the camera crew parachuting into a huge hole in the ground in South America and follows them as they go deeper and deeper into what looks like a set from Star Trek. And “Ocean Deep” is mind blowing. The volume of awesome oddities they were able to catch on film is staggering.


From The Secret to you, here is Planet Earth – our home. Beautiful Views of our Planet in all its splendor! The magnificent music was composed and graciously gifted for this clip by composer Jo Blankenburg.

Nature Documentary The Secret – Planet Earth

The Secret – Planet Earth HD video, The Secret – Planet Earth HD on
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